About Us

Hi! I'm Courtney, the artist behind the creations! I've been on this wild small business journey since June 2021. For my birthday in March I bought a resin kit because I had seen people make cool things online and I wanted to give it a try. Safe to say I fell in love with the medium because I started buying more supplies--molds, glitter, mica, alcohol ink, etc. I had no intention of starting a small business, in fact I had always said there was no way I could ever be a small business owner because it requires so much work. But before I knew it that's exactly what I was doing. I narrowed down my niche to earrings because they were the most enjoyable thing to make since I like wearing festive earrings. After a year and a half, we were able to upgrade to a laser and expand our business into the world of acrylic.
Although I'm the face behind the operation, none of this would be possible without my fiancé, Jordan. He is truly my partner in life and business. He helps design, pour, laser, assemble, cricut, make molds, popup, sell, and handles the financial side of the business. He doesn't get the credit he deserves but know he helps make these creations too! If you ever see him at a market, don't be afraid to say hey! He's just as much a part of Creations x Court as I am. Thank you for supporting our small business!

Poppin Up