Where can I find you? All of my market dates can be found under "2023 Upcoming Events" on my website (creationsxcourt.com)

How do I order? Shop with me online at creationsxcourt.com. My website's as easy to use as Amazon :)

Can I place an order through Instagram or Facebook? No. I would rather all orders be placed through my website so they are easy to keep track of. But please feel free to send me a message (via the conversation bubble on the bottom right side of my website) to chat about your order before placing it if you'd like. 

What if I saw something I like on your social media but it's not available on your website? Take a screenshot and message me, preferably via the conversation bubble on the bottom right side of my website so I'm guaranteed to see it. 

Do you offer free local pickup? At this time I'm only offering free pickup in Fremont and Pikeville upon scheduling. I no longer offer free pickup in Goldsboro. Use the code "LOCAL" at checkout and send me a message with your availability to schedule a day/time for pickup. ***PLEASE DO NOT USE THE CODE "LOCAL" UNLESS YOU WILL BE PICKING YOUR ORDER UP. YOUR ORDER WILL NOT SHIP*** 

Do you accept custom orders? I do accept custom orders on select styles but I am not currently accepting orders for custom shapes. For example, if you'd like some hearts in a different acrylic-yes, I can do that depending on which acrylic you'd like. But I cannot make your dog into a pair of earrings, yet.

Are they acrylic? Some are acrylic, others are hand-poured resin. Details of each set will be in the descriptions of the individual listings. 

Can you do custom shapes? Yes but I'm not currently accepting custom orders for shapes. 

How do you make them? Follow me on instagram @creationsxcourt to see the process!

How long does it take to make 1 pair? That's a simple question with a complex answer. 

For my resin pairs:

1. I don't just make one pair at a time. I mix 20 mL of resin and have 45 minutes to pour however many pairs that gets me before my liquid mixture starts to cure. After pouring they must sit to dry for at least a day before they're able to be demolded. Once demolded they can be assembled. Assembly time depends on how many jump chains are needed, and if they get a post or hook. If it's a style with a post, the post has to be glued/secured with resin and sit to cure for an additional 1-3 days before they're ready for assembly.

2. How many pairs I'm able to produce with 20 ml also depends on the size of the molds I'm pouring into. Some molds require 1 ml of resin while others require 10 ml. 

 3. Time it takes to pour each pair varies depending on what goes into them. How many colors am I using? Am I using mica, glitter and alcohol ink? How often do I have to rotate between colors? Is there specialty glitter that I need to hand place? Am I pouring into big dangles or small studs? Is it a style that gets a single pour or does it need a double pour? 

4. Also a part of the process is printing and cutting the cards they go on. Every single card is made in-house with my cricut.

For the Acrylic pairs:

1. It takes a hot minute to design them on my ipad, then they have to be created in the software. 

2. To cut them out, it probably takes 15 seconds for 1 pair, depending on how big they are.

3. Assembly time is still the same as the resin pairs. If they need a back glued on they will take an additional 1-3 days to cure. 

How long will it take to get my order? 1-of-1s that I have on hand will typically ship within 1 business day. For orders that are made-to-order, processing time is 3-5 business days.  Processing time will be extended an additional 2-3 business days through the Holiday Season (Oct. 1-Jan. 1). Once your package is dropped at the post office you will receive tracking info via email provided. Shipping time is out of my hands once dropped at the post office. Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

What materials do you use? Some of my earrings are handmade with a two-part epoxy resin, while others are laser-cut acrylic. Each pair is assembled with hypoallergenic hardware. The posts I use are stainless steel, and the hooks are sterling silver or gold-plated with brass or copper wires. 

Do you have any necklaces? No. Maybe one day but I have no intention right now to make necklaces. 

Are they heavy? No, they are made of resin/acrylic so they are all extremely lightweight. The largest pair together weighs 10 grams. 

What forms of payment do you accept? On market day I accept cash or will swipe card (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover). I do not accept: ApplePay, PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp. 

Do you wholesale? Yes! I wholesale January-July. I do not wholesale August-December because Holiday Market Season is too busy. Send me an email if you're interested in buying wholesale. 

How do I contact you? The easiest way to contact me is by sending a message using the conversation bubble on the bottom right side of my website. Your message will go directly to my inbox and will more-than-likely be seen in a matter of minutes. Please do not message me on Instagram or Facebook because it may end up in Spam or my Message Requests and I do not check those. I can also be reached by email (creationsxcourt@gmail.com) Monday-Friday 9am-6pm. If you have any questions before ordering please don't hesitate to reach out!


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